‘The diametric section of the principles and theories of geology’
‘Ideal section of a portion of the Earth’s Crust…’
Geologische Elementarkarte, plate 3 (Klöpfel, 1838)
Curvilinear Sections from Glen Roy to the Sea (MacCulloch, 1817)

Selected parts of the East Coast of Trotternish (Stewart after MacCulloch, 1819)
Granite veins and gneiss at Cape Wrath… (Stewart after MacCulloch, 1819)
Trap veins at Airdnamurchan point… (Stewart after MacCulloch, 1819)
Theoretical section through the Paris Basin (Cuvier, Brongniart and Clerget, 1832)

Imaginary plan and sections of Wernerian formations (Theonert, c.1810)
Section from the Medway through Upnor to Cockham Wood (Dadd, 1833)
Section of the Bath Easton Coal Mine, Avon (Unknown, 1808?)
Section of the Bath Easton Mine in Somersetshire (Webster, 1812)

‘Geology, familiarly illustrated’
‘Section showing the general characters of the gold-bearing rocks with their superficial detritus…’
Section of Stora Grufna coppermine, Sweden
Plan of Stora Grufna coppermine, Sweden

Section of a well sunk at Hampstead Road Reservoir
Swanscombe Hill. Looking NNW