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‘Cavern at Thompson’s Point’, St Helena
‘Flagstaff & Barnhills with Sugar-loaf in the distance…’, St Helena
‘Part of the Coast near Flagstaff hill’, St Helena 
‘Basaltic strata in the Barn’, St Helena 

‘The Asses Ears’ & ‘Lott’s Wife’, St Helena 
‘Lott’, St Helena 
‘The Chimney’, St Helena 
‘Sandy Bay’, St Helena 

Scenes among the Rocky Mountains’, [1872]
‘Studies among the Great Tetons of Snake River’, [1872]
‘Scenery of Yellowstone’, 1871
‘Views in Utah, Idaho, and Montana’, 1871

‘Views in Wyoming Territory’, Unita Mountains, 1870
Utsigt af Sulitelma från Ålmajalosjegna’ (1807)
Utsigt af Sulitelma och dess glacierer från fjället Lairo (1807)
Ustigt af Sulitelma genom Langvandalen, Lapland (1807)

Charta õfver en del af Lappska Fjällen (1807)
Hot springs of Gardiner’s River, Yellowstone
Great Blue Spring of the Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone
Castle Geyser, Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone

Lower Yellowstone Range
Yellowstone Lake
Head of Yellowstone River
Grand Cañon, Yellowstone

Towers of Tower Falls, Yellowstone
Mountain of the Holy Cross, Colorado
Mosquito Trail, Rocky Mountains of Colorado
Great Falls of Snake River, Idaho Territory

Valley of Babbling Waters, Southern Utah
Great Salt Lake of Utah
Summit of the Sierras, Nevada
Plate XLVIII: Specimens of curious stones, found by the author on mount Vesuvius.

Plate LV: Views of the eruptions of Vesuvius in 1777 and 1779.
Plate LVI: View of the great eruption of mount Vesuvius, on Sunday night August the 8th 1779
Plate LVII: View of the eruption of mount Vesuvius, Monday morning August the 9th 1779…
Plate X: Interiour [sic] view of the crater of mount Vesuvius…

Plate XII: View of an eruption of mount Vesuvius which began on the 23rd of December 1760, and ended the 5th of January 1761
XXI: View of the hot spring called, the Pisciarelli…
Plate XXXVIII: A night view of a current of lava that ran from mount Vesuvius towards Resina…
Plate XLI: View of the first discovery of the temple of Isis at Pompeii…

Plate IX: Interiour [sic] view of the crater of mount Vesuvius…
Plate V: View of an eruption of lava from the crater of mount Vesuvius…
Tower Falls and Sulphur Mountain, Yellowstone
Section of the country east of Lake Baikal, Siberia (geology near Nerchinsk) (Austin, 1848-1862)

Sukhoboisk, Samilovsky and Froloosky copper mines
Roderick Murchison’s Russian ‘passport’
Geological Map of the country east of Lake Baikal, Siberia
Jurievetz & Kinschina on the Volga

Roderick Murchison’s travel permit for Russia
Roderick Murchison’s Russian ‘passport’
‘Rock, Fortress and monastery of Verkoturie’
‘From the Katchnakar – looking north’

‘Balagan in the Forests of the N Ural’
‘The seven churches in the County of Wicklow Ireland’
‘Summit of the Ural E of Zlatoust’
Mount Beshtau, Russia

View of the Rhenosterberg mountains, South Africa
Old Dopper’s Farm, in the Rhenosterberg mountains, South Africa
Lake Patengan, Java
Dieng Plateau, Java

North coast of Java, Indonesia
Section of a [gold] mine, north of Orenburg, Russia
South coast of Java, Indonesia
Bridge at Dunkeld

Buildings on a rocky outcrop
Lake Geneva, Switzerland/France
On Mount Rigi, Switzerland
Woman making pottery, Brittany

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
Cathedral cloisters, Le Puy
Le Puy, France
Glacial valley, France

Visitors to Brehec, Brittany
View from a Kurunegala rock, Sri Lanka
Nalanda, Sri Lanka
Ludlow Castle, Shropshire