Extinct Animals

‘Great Sea Dragons’
Anniversary Dinner Menu, 1894
Duria Antiquior
Fragment of jaw of Megalosaurus

Teeth and bones from Kent’s Cavern
Skull of extinct hyena
Skull of extinct hyena
Teeth from Kent’s Cavern

Ichthyosaur limb bone
‘Restoration of the Plesiosaurus Dolichodeirus and Ichthyosaurus Communis’
‘Jura Formation’
Skull of an Ichthyosaur

Footprint of a Chierotherium
‘Organic Remains’
Plesiosaurus macrocephalus from Lyme Regis
Plesiosaurus macrocephalus from Lyme Regis

Hypsilophodon skeleton
Proteosaurus, an ichthyosaur
Ichthyosaur skull in fossil sepia
Head of an ichthyosaur

Adams Mammoth
Skull of Dicynodon lacerticeps
Skeleton of a Megatherium
Mammoth bones

Skull of a crocodile with the eye, paddle and teeth of various ichthyosauri
Ichthyosaurus Intermedius from Lyme Regis
Skull and jaw of Dicynodon lacerticeps
Skull of Dicynodon testudiceps

Skulls of Dicynodon