Title: Skull and jaw of Dicynodon lacerticeps

Creator: George Scharf (1788-1860)

Description: Views of the skull and jaw of Dicynodon lacerticeps, an extinct mammal-like reptile from South Africa.

Source: Published in: Owen, Richard. “Report on the Reptilian Fossils of South Africa: PART I.—Description of certain Fossil Crania, discovered by A G Bain, Esq, in Sandstone Rocks at the South-eastern extremity of Africa, referable to different species of an Extinct genus of Reptilia (Dicynodon), and indicative of a new Tribe or Sub-order of Sauria”, ‘Transactions of the Geological Society of London’, Series 2, Vol 7 (1845), pp59-84, plate 4. From a paper originally read before the Geological Society on 8 January 1845.

Format: Lithograph

Image reference: 04-23

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