Cephalaspis Lyelli Agassiz

Title: Watercolour of Cephalaspis Lyelli Agassiz

Creator: Joseph Dinkel [1806-1891]

Description: Watercolour of the fossil fish Cephalaspis Lyelli Agassiz, from Charles Lyell’s collection, by Joseph Dinkel, London, [1834-1836]. Found in Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland.

Published in Agassiz, J L R. ‘Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles’ (1833-1843/1844), Vol 2, Tab 1a, fig 2. Livraison issued 1837.

The original specimen now held by the Natural History Museum, ref: OR 20087, see: Woodward, A S. ‘Catalogue of the Fossil Fishes in the British Museum…’ (1899-1901), vol 2, p180; see also White, E. “On Cephalaspis lyelli”, ‘Palaeontology’, vol 1 (1958), pp 99-105.

Date: [1834-1836]

Format: Watercolour

Archive reference: LDGSL/613/2/10/2

Image reference: 16-20

Original size: 35.6cm x 20.7cm

Recommended print size: Up to 16 x 12 inches (40 x 30cm)

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