Title: Skeletons of Holocentrum Leo; Apogon Rex multorum; Myrlpristis Jacobus

Creator: Joseph Dinkel [1806-1891]

Description: Monochrome ink and wash drawing of the skeleton of the fossil fish Holocentrum Leo, with studies of the skulls of Apogon Rex multorum and Myrlpristis Jacobus, by Joseph Dinkel, [1832-1833]. From the Jardin des Plantes [Museum of Natural History], Paris. Annotated “Original du Tab B du 4e Vol: d’apres des squelettes du Jardin des Plantes [Museum of Natural History], L R Agassiz, 1841”.

Published in Agassiz, J L R. ‘Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles’ (1833-1843/1844), Vol 4, Tab B, livraison issued 1834.

From the name of the species, the style of drawing and label, this drawing may be among the earliest batches of specimens to be drawn. The French naturalist Georges Cuvier had originally planned a work on fossil fish but had been so impressed by the work of Louis Agassiz’s artists that he turned his work over to Agassiz for him to continue.

Date: [1832-1833], paper watermarked 1831.

Format: Ink and wash on paper

Archive reference: LDGSL/613/5/2

Image reference: 16-14

Original size: 37.5cm x 22.8cm

Recommended print size: Up to 16 x 12 inches (40 x 30cm)


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