Title: Portrait of Sir Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton

Creator: John Richardson Jackson after painting by George Richmond.

Description: Sir Philip Egerton, 10th baronet, was an eminent Fellow of the Geological Society, publishing multiple papers mostly on his favourite subject of palaeoichthyology [fossil fish]. He acquired a large collection of fossil fish, collecting in conjunction with his friend William Willoughby Cole ((1807-1886), 3rd Earl of Enniskillen. Although the aim of both men’s collections was to be as comprehensive as possible they would amicably share acquisitions, frequently tossing a coin to see who would get which half of a prized specimen.

Enniskillen’s and Egerton’s fossil collections are now housed in the Natural History Museum, but drawings of a large number of their specimens are held by the Archives of the Geological Society as part of the Agassiz fossil fish collections (LDGSL/613-616).

Date: [1860s-1870s]

Format: Stipple engraving and mezzotint

Archive reference: GSL/POR/56/41

Image reference: 01-45

Recommended print size: Up to 10 x 8 inches (25 x 14cm)

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