‘Cavern at Thompson’s Point’, St Helena
‘Flagstaff & Barnhills with Sugar-loaf in the distance…’, St Helena
‘Part of the Coast near Flagstaff hill’, St Helena 
‘Basaltic strata in the Barn’, St Helena 

‘The Asses Ears’ & ‘Lott’s Wife’, St Helena 
‘Lott’, St Helena 
‘The Chimney’, St Helena 
‘Sandy Bay’, St Helena 

Coast near Thomson’s Point, St Helena 
View of a perforated Basaltic Vein N W Coast of Jura 
‘Cape Blowmedown [Blomidon], Nova Scotia’
‘Isolated rock and whyn dyke at Port Cooan’

‘Whyn dyke at Rovin Valley’
‘Basaltic tower called Castro Levit at the foot of Magilligan Facade’
‘Oblique undulating dyke near Seaport one mile west from the Giants Causeway’

Giant’s Causeway
Giant’s Causeway
Les Orgues d’Expailly, Le Puy
Basalt, Asbach (Siebengebirge)

Fingal’s Cave, Staffa
Staffa in profile
Staffa, showing Fingal’s Cave

Giant’s Causeway