Title: From Gebel Ciantar. Shewing the whole series of the Malta Beds

Creator: John Henry Cooke

Description: Photo in which the layers of sedimentary rock (beds) on Malta can be seen in the cliffs. You can also see the traditional terraced fields on the clifftops. Gebel Ciantar is an area near Dingli Cliffs, in the southwest of the island, formerly the site of a Bronze Age village.

This image accompanied a paper by Cooke read at the Geological Society on 21st November 1894. It was published without the photos as, ‘The Pleistocene Beds of the Maltese Islands’, Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, vol.51 (1895), pp49-50.

Date: [1893-1894]

Format: Black and white albumen photograph

Archive reference: LDGSL/936/13

Image reference: 05-34

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