Title: A new philosophico chorographical chart of East-Kent

Creator: Christopher Packe [1686-1749]

Description: Engraved and lithographed print on paper, dissected and mounted on linen.  The original is in four separate sheets.  Co-ordinates are given as bearing and distance from Canterbury.  Map includes locations of chalk and gravel pits, shore and cliff line springs, and locations where amber and copperas stone have been found. Published according to Act of Parliament June 1st 1743.  The detailed line work on this map is very fine and needs to be printed as large as possible for best results.

Date: 1743

Format: Geological map

Image reference: 07-160

Original size: 137 x 125 cm.

Recommend print size: Up to 40 x 35 inches (100 x 90 cm.)

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