A new philosophico chorographical chart of East-Kent (Packe, 1743)
Geologische Elementarkarte, plate 3 (Klöpfel, 1838)
Theoretical section through the Paris Basin (Cuvier, Brongniart and Clerget, 1832)
Imaginary plan and sections of Wernerian formations (Theonert, c.1810)

‘Synopsis of Geological Phenomena’
Upper Oolite fossils
‘Scur Eigg in the Hebrides’
Forest Marble fossils

Clay over the Upper Oolite fossils
Fullers Earth fossils
Clunch Clay fossils
A New Geological Map of England & Wales… [Smith reduction] (Smith & Cary, 1827)

Geological Map of England & Wales… [Greenough reduction] (Gardner after Greenough, 1826)
Kelloways Stone fossils
Cornbrash fossils
Coral Rag fossils

Oak Tree Clay fossils
Coral Rag fossils
William Smith’s Table of Strata… under UVA light (Smith original 1799, UVA negative 1972)
Green Sand fossils

Stratification in Hackness Hills (Smith, 1832)
Brick Earth fossils
Portland Stone fossils
‘Craig’ [Crag] fossils

Table of Strata in the Vicinity of Bath (Smith & Richardson, 1799)
Upper Chalk fossils
Lower Chalk fossils
Reproduction of William Smith’s Table of Strata… (Judd after Smith & Richardson, 1897)

Green Sand fossils
Tooth of a Mastodon
London Clay fossils
Pterichthys cornutus Agassiz

‘Deductions from established facts in geology’
Plan of the ‘Proposed Aire & Dunn Canal’ (Smith and Phillips, 1819)
‘Bird catching at Orkney’

The ‘Hope Pearl’
Entrance to the Grotto of Antiparos
Advertisement for a ‘Human Fossil’
Subterranean galleries in the Island of Milo

Meteorite that fell in County Limerick
Peculiar appearance of a rock surface
Section of a well sunk at Hampstead Road Reservoir
Bones from a cave in Wellington Valley, New South Wales, Australia

Bones from a cave in Wellington Valley, New South Wales, Australia
Bones from a cave in Wellington Valley, New South Wales, Australia
Instructions for using the Lapidary’s Apparatus
William Smith (1769-1839)

William Smith’s memorial
William Smith Medal
Bust of William Smith (1769-1839)
Ordinary Meeting of the Geological Society

John Jeremiah Bigsby (1792-1881)
Bigsby Medal
William Smith (1769-1839)
William Daniel Conybeare (1787-1857)

Murchison Medal
George Simmonds [Simonds] Boulger (1853-1922)
George Simmonds [Simonds] Boulger (1853-1922)
Lock of William Smith’s hair

Warington Wilkinson Smyth (1817-1890)
Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820)
Richard Owen (1804-1892)
Joseph Beete Jukes (1811-1869)

Joseph Beete Jukes (1811-1869)
‘Awful changes’
‘Jura Formation’
Skull of an Ichthyosaur

Footprint of a Chierotherium
Head of an ichthyosaur
Ichthyosaurus Intermedius from Lyme Regis
Polypothecia agariciformis

Quartz crystal with asbestos inclusion
Smithsonite on fluorite
Topaz crystal from Aberdeenshire
Fossil fern from the Alps

Apiocrinites rotundus
Fossil horsetail from Bristol
Clathraria lyelli