Title: Quartz crystal with asbestos inclusion

Creator: Charlotte Caroline Sowerby (1820-1865)

Description: Watercolour drawing of a quartz crystal with asbestos inclusions,.

The caption reads:
‘Mineralogical phenomenon. Rock crystal with an hexahedral pyramid in the centre formed of Asbestos. This Crystal is supposed to be unique, Mr Sowerby never having seen a similar one, so extraordinarily curious and beautiful. Charlotte C Sowerby.’

Charlotte was the eldest daughter of the conchologist, illustrator and natural history dealer George Brettingham Sowerby (1788-1854) who, like other members of her family, was a talented natural history illustrator. Her best known published work was ‘The illustrated bouquet, consisting of figures with descriptions of new flowers’, published by E G Henderson & Son, London, 1857-1864.

Date: [1854]

Format: Watercolour

Archive reference: LDGSL/542

Image reference: 04-15

Recommended print size: Up to 70 x 50cm

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