Mount Gede, Java
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Title: Gunung-Gĕdé (‘Mount Gede’)

Creator: J Tempeltey

Description: Lithograph of the summit of the volcano Mount Gede on the island of Java, Indonesia. Gede means ‘big’ in Sundanese, a language spoken in the western part of Java. This volcano was very active in the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, a German-Dutch botanist, came to Java as a surgeon in the Dutch colonial army whilst fleeing a ten year prison sentence for murdering a rival in a duel. He settled on the island and lived there for most of the rest of his life, making extensive studies of the land and its people.

This image was published in Junghuhn’s Landschaften-Atlas zu Java, which accompanied his four volume Java: deszelfs gedaante, bekleeding en inwendige struktuur (Java: its shape, vegetation cover and inner construction), (Amsterdam: PN Van Kampen, 1850-1854).

Date: [1850-1854]

Format: Lithograph

Image reference: 02-23a

Recommended print size: Up to 20 x 16 inches (50 x 40cm)

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