Carte géologique et topographique du Mont Vésuve (Dufrenoy, 1838)
John MacCulloch (1773-1835)

‘Eastern promontory of the first cove east of St Agnes’
‘Cligga Point 4 miles east of St Agnes Cornwall north coast’
‘Curvature in killas on the coast immediately below St Agnes’
View of the killas rocks at the Gun Wharf Plymouth Dock’

‘Cape Split, Nova Scotia’
‘A view of Stone-Henge [Stonehenge] Wiltshire’
Sketch map of the Rhenosterberg, South Africa (Stow, 1858)
Map of Glen Roy (MacCulloch, 1817)

‘Curvature in Lias near Shepton Mallet’
William Smith’s Table of Strata… under UVA light (Smith original 1799, UVA negative 1972)
‘General Map of Strata…’ under infrared light (Smith, 1801 – negative created 1972)
General map of strata found in England & Wales (Smith 1794/1801)

Reconstruction of William Smith’s “General Map of Strata found in England & Wales” (Judd & Reekes, 1897)
‘The seven churches in the County of Wicklow Ireland’
Old Dopper’s Farm, in the Rhenosterberg mountains, South Africa
Ludlow Castle, Shropshire

Fault in the coal workings of Cwm Sychan, Monmouthshire
Cephalaspis Lyelli
Flint axes from Hoxne