Title: Watercolour of Squalo-raja (Spinacorhinus) polyspondila Agassiz

Creator: Charles Weber (1801-1875)

Description: The fossil fish Squaloraja polyspondila Agassiz, from volume 3 of JLR Agassiz’s Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles. This specimen was found by Mary Anning at the end of December 1829. The drawing only shows the front part of the fish – the original specimen was destroyed during World War Two – but the tail, which was found separately, survives in the Philpot collection now at Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Published in Agassiz, J L R. ‘Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles’ (1833-1843/1844), Vol 3, Tab 42, livraison issued 1836.

Date: [1835]

Format: Watercolour

Archive reference: LDGSL/613/4/99/1

Image reference: 16-03

Original size: 52.5cm x 23.7cm

Recommended print size: Up to 20 x 16 inches (50 x 40cm)

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