Mary Anning

Teeth of Acrodus anningiae Agassiz
Landslip, Lyme Regis, Dorset
Lyme Regis
Charmouth, Dorset from the Bridport Road

Charmouth, Dorset from Catherstone
Lyme Regis, from Pierhead
View of Lyme Regis
‘Landslip Under Southdown between Beer Head and Branscombe…’

‘View of the Landslip from Whitlands…’
‘View from the Western End of the Beach near Culverhole Point…’
‘View from the New Beach looking Westward to Beer Head’
‘View of the Great Chasm from its Western end at Bindon…’

‘View of the Axmouth Landslip from Dowlands…’
‘Geological section of the Chasm, Undercliff and New Raised Beach from the Eastern boundary of Great Bindon to the sea’
‘Geological view of the coast from Lyme Regis…to Axmouth Harbour…’
Coleia Antiqua

‘Squaloraia’ [lithograph]
Skeleton of a Plesiosaur from Lyme Regis
Tail of Squalo-raja (Spinacorhinus) polyspondila Agassiz
Ground plan and sections of the Great Landslip at Great and Little Bindon and Dowlands…

Plesiosaurus macrocephalus
Pterodactylus macronyx
Dimorphodon macronyx
Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus

Plesiosaurus from Lyme Regis
‘Skeleton of Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurus’
Diagram of the geological restorations at Crystal Palace
Map of Crystal Palace Park (1854)

Reconstruction of Plesiosaurus macrocephalus
Mary Anning (1799-1847)
Skulls of Plesiosaurus hawkinsii and Plesiosaurus macrocephalus
Ribs of an ichthyosaur

Section through the vertebrae of an ichthyosaur
Vertebrae and ribs of an ichthyosaur
Head of an ichthyosaur
‘A view of the landslip from Great Bindon…’

Duria Antiquior
Plesiosaurus macrocephalus (original artwork)
Proteosaurus, an ichthyosaur
Ichthyosaur skull in fossil sepia

Plesiosaurus macrocephalus (lithograph)
‘Restoration of the Plesiosaurus Dolichodeirus and Ichthyosaurus Communis’
Squalo-raja (Spinacorhinus) polyspondila Agassiz