Geological Formations

'Cunaig in Assynt, Sutherlandshire'

Head of Yellowstone River
Grand Cañon, Yellowstone
Towers of Tower Falls, Yellowstone

Hot springs of Gardiner’s River, Yellowstone
Great Blue Spring of the Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone
Castle Geyser, Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone
Lower Yellowstone Range

Yellowstone Lake
Mountain of the Holy Cross, Colorado
Mosquito Trail, Rocky Mountains of Colorado
Great Falls of Snake River, Idaho Territory

Valley of Babbling Waters, Southern Utah
Great Salt Lake of Utah

Ideal scene in the Lower Cretaceous Period
Ideal view of a marshy forest of the Coal Period
Ideal scene of the Lias with Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurus
Ideal landscape of the Liassic Period

Summit of the Sierras, Nevada
Tower Falls and Sulphur Mountain, Yellowstone
“The Rhone Gletscher…”
“The Tobel Drun and the villages of Ruèras, Zarcuns, Camischolas and Sedrun…” 

“Culmatsch and Piz Ner from near St. Anton Surrhein” 
“The Val Giuf…” 
“The Grimsel Hospiz on the Nollen…”
“A view…to the east of the Todtensee near the summit of the Grimsel Pass”

“The Schienstock and Bächistock…”
Hanging Stone, Charnwood
L’ile Julia (Julia’s Isle)
‘Eastern side of second cove east of St Agnes called Park Cove’

‘Eastern side of the fourth cove east of St Agnes’
‘Eastern promontory of the first cove east of St Agnes’
‘Cligga Point 4 miles east of St Agnes Cornwall north coast’
‘Curvature in killas on the coast immediately below St Agnes’

‘Curvature of the limestone at Chepstow’
View of the killas rocks at the Gun Wharf Plymouth Dock’
‘Cape Split, Nova Scotia’
‘Cape Blowmedown [Blomidon], Nova Scotia’

Vixen Tor, Dartmoor
‘Curvature in Lias near Shepton Mallet’
‘A view of the strata which present themselves on the shore of Folkestone’

‘Isolated rock and whyn dyke at Port Cooan’
‘Whyn dyke at Rovin Valley’
‘Basaltic tower called Castro Levit at the foot of Magilligan Facade’
The logging rock at the Lands End Cornwall

Cheese Wring near Liskeard, Cornwall
‘Grauwacke rocks at Fass Castle in Berwickshire’
‘View of the Grauwacke rocks south of Eyemouth Berwickshire’
‘Parallel roads of Glen Roy’

‘Oblique undulating dyke near Seaport one mile west from the Giants Causeway’
Dyke on Great Cumbra, Western Isles, Scotland
Boulder rocks at Debre Doura, Kumaun, India

‘Scur Eigg in the Hebrides’
Granite outcrops in Kolyvan, Sibiera
Split boulder on Little Cumbra, Western Isles
Split boulder on Little Cumbra, Western Isles

‘Cape Wrath’
‘North Suter from South Suter’
‘General view of Port Des Moulins in the Isle of Sercq’
‘View of the Creux in the Isle of Sercq’

‘View of the Coupee in the Isle of Sercq’
‘The Stranger’
Valley of Gosau, Salzburg Alps
‘The Bullers of Buchan’

Buildings on a rocky outcrop
‘Rocks near Sandside’
‘Bird catching at Orkney’
Marble Grotto in the Island of Antiparos

Entrance to the Grotto of Antiparos
‘Section showing the general characters of the gold-bearing rocks with their superficial detritus…’
Subterranean galleries in the Island of Milo
Peculiar appearance of a rock surface

Views of the French coast
Fungus Rock, Gozo
Pleistocene geological feature, Malta
Malta Beds from Gebel Ciantar

Syncline, Malta
Mellieha Fault, Malta
Cliffs at Zennor, Cornwall
Inside Kent’s Cavern

‘Submarine forest of Stolford on the Severn near Bridgwater’
Isle of Wight coast
Giant’s Causeway
Giant’s Causeway

Malvern Range from Crookbarrow Hill
‘View of the Terraces at the top of Glen Roy’
Wenlock Edge
Gneiss, Colombo

‘View of the entrance of Glen Turit and of the commencement of the Levels of Glen Roy’
‘View in Glen Roy taken near Glen Fintec’
‘Curved Gneiss in Lewis’
‘View of Brochel Castle in Rasay’

The Roaches, Peak District
Quartzite at Port Martin Cliff
Les Orgues d’Expailly, Le Puy
Natural bridge, Clermont

Pulver Maar, Eifel
Glacier Garden, Lucerne
Basalt, Asbach (Siebengebirge)
Fingal’s Cave, Staffa

Aar Gorge, Switzerland
Junction of Gorner and Theodule glaciers
Staffa in profile
Staffa, showing Fingal’s Cave

Giant’s Causeway